Men pilot Vanguards. Mecha that look like Humans that hold different weapons in the Mecha units. Hibiki pilots his Parther, that was changed by the Pexus. Vandread Dita & Super Vandread looks simliar to the Vanguards. Tarak Men pliot different color Vanguards with different weapons in each.

The Vanguards (Bangaata) are the armored mecha of Taraak. These machines carry an assortment of melee weapons, ranging from swords, axes, spears, and chainsaws. As well, they can easily withstand artillery fire. Initially, along with the Ikazuchi battleship, the Vanguards were used to eliminate any hostiles that threatened Taraak airspace, until Magno’s pirate ship hijacked the battleship. Hibiki’s Vanguard (though it really was not his), like the Dreads, was also affected by the Paksis, transforming it into an even bulkier version of its original self. Later, when fused with either Dita’s, Meia’s or Jura’s Dreads, it becomes the all-powerful Vandread. In “Vandread: Second Stage“, after becoming the Super Vandread, the Vanguard receives a small physical transformation, and possibly an additional boost of power from the fusion.