Pyoro is a small robot who was originally a navigation robot (NAVI robot) on board the original colony ship Ikazuchi. When Hibiki is caught on board the upgraded Ikazuchi, the NAVI robot is assigned to guard Hibiki, who’s imprisoned behind an electronic barrier. However, when the pirates from Mejere attack and the original section of the Ikazuchi is jettisoned (where Hibiki’s cell is located), the attack by Taraak to destroy that jettisoned section combined with the Paksis Pragma’s attempt to save itself caused the NAVI robot to become broken. Thus the Paksis causes it to evolve and have a personality along with a quirky speech pattern in which the robot ends most of its sentences with the term “pyoro”. After the Mejere pirate ship is merged with the old Ikazuchi to become the Nirvana, the ship’s chief engineer decides to name the old NAVI robot, “Pyoro-kun” (or just Pyoro as it is done in the English) after hearing it speak. He is essential for the formation of Super Vandread, which combines Dita’s, Meia’s and Jura’s Dreads, Hibiki’s Vanguard and Pyoro himself.

Pyoro does not appear in the manga.