Paksis Pragma

Behold the Paxis!


The blue energy entity acting as the Nirvana’s core. It originates from a different universe, but encountered earthlings and became separated in 2 when it was used for the Ikazuchi; its twin stays on Earth. Due to its unique properties, it has been used to generate energy in various ships, without the builders realizing the nature of the Paksis. Meanwhile, the Paksis on Earth takes on a red color, after infusing with Earth’s hatred and fear.

As the Nirvana crew learns that the Paksis is a sentient being, they also start to bond with Pyoro, a navigation robot that was linked with the Paksis. The result was Pyoro becoming sentient, and developing a personality of its own. Occasionally, the Paksis will override Pyoro’s systems to communicate with the crew members. Machines linked with the Paksis may also “evolve” to some extent, thus resulting in the upgrades to Dita’s, Meia’s, and Jura’s Dreads, and Hibiki’s Vanguard. These upgrades would provide the basis for the three Vandread types, and eventually, the Super Vandread, which is the fusion of all 3 Dreads, the Vanguard, and Pyoro.

The Harvesters, from the influence of the red Paksis, can also evolve and become stronger through combining smaller Harvester units, creating near-exact copies of the Vandreads, as well as the Nirvana, which could transform into humanoid robot.

The Paksis has a self-preservation instinct, which it revealed when it fused the Ikazuchi and Magno’s pirate ship, creating a wormhole and transporting the crew light years away from Taraak and Mejere.