Amarone Slaintheav

Amarone Slaintheav

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Belvedere Coco

Belvedere Coco

Celtic Midori

Celtic Midori

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Amarone SlaintheavEdit

Amarone Slaintheav is a dark-skinned Megeran who is an operator of the Nirvana.

Asra MutieEdit

Asra Mutie is the pilot of Vandora. She first appear to help the Nirvana crew only to get information from them of who they are. She hangs out with Hibiki which makes Dita sad to see Hibiki with her. She then got her mind controlled and started to attack Hibiki. Dita then arrived just in time to see what was happening and tried to save Hibiki. Tenhou then appeared to stop Asra, but took off and is shanghaied by her Vandora. Hibiki and Dita piloted Vandread and fought Vandora. They managed to destroy Vandora and save Asra. Meia decided to have Asra as a new crew member seeing how she is a hybrid and Hibiki is a Taraak. Jura has Asra to be a clean up girl to act as one of the crew members. Asra seems to have the characteristics of Misty and Gascogne, who both do not appear in the manga, she ties her blue hair in a ponytail and flirts with Hibiki, much to Dita’s dismay. She is also seen playing poker with Hibiki and winning. Also, as an interesting note, unlike real humans, she has pointed ears much like an elf’s. Asra does not appear in the anime.

Belvedere CocoEdit

Belvedere Coco is a blond-haired Megeran who is also an operator.

Celtic MidoriEdit

Celtic Midori is another Megeran operator who has all sorts of costumes. She’s mostly a cosplay person of the crew. She initially wears a full body teddy bear costume as a way to conceal her body from the men on board and later is one the leaders who imprison Hibiki, Duelo and Bart. She comes around as the male and female relations improve by cutting the face out of her teddy bear costume. During the Second Stage, she’s seen using a different costume on each episode.


Rebecca is with the pirates, only she decided to stay behind on Mejerr whilst Magno took the others out hunting. She appears to have known Magno for a long time and has held a high position in the piratical hierarchy. Rebecca is also Kahlua's Ouma, a fact that gets her into conflict with Pyoro.

Tenhou FarlandEdit

Tenhou Farland is a smart young girl from Megeran and is Paiway’s manga replacement. She is especially nice to Hibiki who she looks upon him like a brother. She has the ability to communicate with machines. Tenhou was an orphan when she was found by Meia. Meia then takes her to the Megeran Pirates, who Tenhou joins. She has a thing for teddy bears. Tenhou seems to have the characteristics of Paiway, Ezra and Pyoro. She is almost the same size with Paiway and often likes to explains details of many things, she is also very kind and is capable of fusing her mind with the Paksis. Tenhou does not appear in the anime.