The Nirvana is a pirate ship under the command of Magno Vivan and her second in command Buzam A. Calessa. The Nirvana was formally known as the Ikazuchi (Taraak Battleship), the Ikazuchi was launching on the day of it's commission as flagship of the Taraak Imperial Fleet.

The battleship the characters use throughout the series. It houses the Pragma Paxis as the ship’s core, powering almost anything within the vessel. After the Ikazuchi battleship and Magno’s pirate ship were thrown into the wormhole, created by the Paksis, both ships began to fuse with one another. At first, the crew was unsure what to call their new ship, but after a lottery was held in giving a name, Magno christened the vessel from a list of entries “Nirvana“. Bart Garsus fills in as the ship’s pilot. The only armament the Nirvana carries are a series of turrets that encompasses the ship’s hull, all which fire a laser that automatically locks-on to enemy units, while bypassing all friendly units.


Nirvana Crystal Cannon


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