Woman pilot Dreads. Fighter-bombers built for speed. Woman from Meije pilot Dreads. Meia & Jura's Dreads are the only ones that transforms into Dread like ships.

The Dreads are the space fighters used by Magno’s pirate crew. Most Dreads are armed with vulcans, missiles, and laser cannons, depending on how the Dread is customized to the pilot’s preference. Before combat, each Dread goes through the Registry system and is fitted with the chosen weapons. With the help of Gascogne’s supply vessel, a Dread can be re-armed during battle. When the Paksis created the wormhole the Dreads of Dita, Meia, and Jura underwent changes. All 3 Dreads became structurally different from the others, while possessing greater firepower than the average Dread. When any of these Dreads fuses with Hibiki’s Vanguard, they become a powerful Vandread. In ”Vandread: Second Stage”, after becoming the Super Vandread, the 3 fighters receive an additional boost of power from the fusion, noted from Parfait’s analysis. All Dreads are extremely large, Hibiki’s Vanguard actually enters the Dread it combines with.